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Re-Attuning to "Normal"

My favorite vibrational healer pal (he's an awesome Theta Healer) and I went to lunch today for the first time since nearly everything closed in March. I forgot how wonderful it feels to have a plate of hot, delicious food served to me. Yet at first, I felt kinda strangely nervous (is this really ok?) and awkward (what? table manners?).

The actual vibe in the restaurant itself felt a little off too. It was lovely and pristine and clean yet my friend and I both identified a left over negative emotional charge - most likely a residual of these last several months. Also, there was a certain palpable stagnant feeling in the atmosphere and air.

Realized attunements and clearings were in order - so I cleared my resistance to being back in a restaurant and got permission from the restaurant owner to do a quick-energy tuneup for the dining room. Its great to be moving forward!

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