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" I call Beth our fairy godmother - she has assisted my children so much with performing better in school, doing better at  team sports and generally providing solutions to some challenging situations.  She's worked with us for over five years and we are so blessed."

Wendy  Karam

Business owner and mom of three kids

Dayton, Ohio


"I hired Beth on a recommendation from a friend to dowse into some difficult relationship issues I was having with my husband.  I was skeptical at first since I hadn't heard of dowsing, but desperate to save our marriage.  Turns out I was impressed  - She quickly provided clear insights that made sense  and was able to do some energy attunements to bring back the communication and fun in our marriage.  Three years now and my husband and I are still together.  Thank you, Beth!

Ella Diaz

San Francisco, CA

"Beth, 'Getter Done Roszman' was so helpful to me.  It was just a simple thing but I was having trouble finding the right chest of drawers.  After a simple minute long process she led me through I was actually buying the perfect chest of drawers in the next ten minutes!  She is the ultimate fairy godmother with a powerful wand.  She can help in so many ways with health issues, wealth issues, love-life issues and more.  I totally recommend Beth!"

Keith, Carmel, California

"Beth quickly identified and cleared the issues keeping me from a happy relationship. Now, I'm with the man of my dreams and life keeps getting better!" 

Tara Bradley, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"My team at work was having severe issues of conflict - to the point where mistakes were 

happening and income decreased.  I hired Beth to use intuitive tools and energy healing to get to the 

heart of the issues with the work team and identify blocks to money coming in.  It was 

amazing! Within two weeks, our team won a new contract that brought in new funding sources and a few weeks after that our team productivity reached an all-time high."

Jerry Miller, Mountain View, California

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