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I honor you for taking this opportunity to profoundly re-create your life and I am blessed to be working with you!

I offer a complimentary introduction session, arranged by phone appointment, where I will learn more about your situation and desired results. Then I outline areas where we might work together to get you those results! 

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The Intuitive Solution provides expert resources in the healing arts with classes, consultations and research on the most advanced and effective healing and discernment technologies.  

An unconventional solution for conventional problems ~ tools for having the life you want, finally!

Precise and effective technologies for quick results - the ultimate solution when nothing else works.

FAQs about an Intuitive Solution healing session

This is a big step and investment – making an appointment with an energy healer. Here some often asked questions for you to ponder.  I also welcome and love the opportunity to talk with you in person via a complimentary consultation…then decide if this approach is for you.


What might I gain from having one or more of your sessions?

  • Increased sense of calm and well-being along with a sense that all is right with the world. 

  • Reduction in physical and emotional pain

  • Deeper and more restful sleep

  • Happier and more harmonious home environment

  • Its often been said its “like a massage for the soul”

  • Heightened awareness and acceptance of life circumstances

  • Personal transformation leading to increased wealth, better relationships and family harmony

  • Attainment of life long goals


How are appointments conducted and what are your fees?

A session is 60 minutes and conducted via telephone or Skype and in person for those in the Monterey Bay area.  Immediately upon booking I will begin to prepare for your session.  At this point, you might begin to experience positive shifts, as sometimes just making the commitment to shift will indeed begin our healing process.


We will spend approximately 30-40 minutes on the phone where I will answer questions, offer intuitive guidance, and begin to perform the energetic attunements and clearings that, in order of priority are most beneficial for you. Immediately after the conclusion of the phone consultation portion of our session, I will ask that you stay in quite, relaxed space so I may conduct 20-30 minutes of additional energetic clearings and attunements to conclude your session. I offer a complimentary check-in within 21 days of your appointment.

Each session is $225 - includes 60 minutes of remote healing and time on phone with Beth                   






How are these sessions unique from Reiki, massage or other modes of counseling?

I offer a simultaneous approach of providing diagnostics and discernment into your situation, providing intuitive and both a deeper look combined with an eagle’s eye view.

I then create a custom set of intuition solutions tools to dissolve and clear millions of energetic blockages holding stress, dis-ease and stagnation in the body, mind and emotional levels. It is common to experience rapid uplevelings and positive shifts in energy levels, moods, emotions and life circumstances. Sometimes clients will experience a positive shift just upon confirmation of their appointment ~ spirit is eager to get to work!

Who are your clients?

They come from all walks of life, are diverse but share commonalities. They might be new to this unusual approach, but feel a certain interest in learning about and experiencing an energy healing.  Other clients already have experience with the healing arts and seek accelerated personal growth and healing, or they might be healer or have a desire to be and are interested in increasing their power to heal by integrating subtle energy techniques. 

What’s a vibrational healer?

It's someone who helps another accelerate her or his consciousness, which leads to greater levels of awareness, autonomy and self-empowerment. This allows a person to see greater possibilities, and seeing greater possibilities opens the door to greater gifts.

What is distance healing?

Distant healing is a term that refers to a healing session where the practitioner and the client are not in the same room together. Intuitive Solution sessions are often conducted over the telephone or by Skype. While it may seem unusual that a healing practitioner can help someone so profoundly over the telephone, consider that vibrational healing does not involve any physical contact or direct connection between practitioner and client.

Are phone sessions as effective as in person sessions? How does it work over the phone?

Phone sessions are just as, if not more effective, than in person sessions.  In the realm of the spirit, there is no time and space.  Through concentrated prayer, we will connect in with the Creator of All That Is and the work is directly facilitated.  


During a Session, Responsibilities - Ours and Yours

I act under the highest standards as both your vibrational healing consultant and the code of ethics dictated by HRCI (the recognized credentialing body for the human resources profession). As your practitioner I guarantee that I will always act in a polite and professional manner. I call on all of my training and experience to get the best possible result for you. I take confidentially very seriously and will never share anything without your permission. Even the fact that you have been an Intuitive Solutions client is confidential and will not be shared without your permission. My responsibility is to provide energy clearings and intuitive guidance during the session, and this responsibility ends at the end of the session, when I hand responsibility for making empowering changes in your life over to you.


As a Client I expect certain responsibilities from you (consider this your contract with us):

  1.  I appreciate honesty. If I ask you about a sensitive situation in your life, it's because I need you to acknowledge it. Sometimes it's so personal or embarrassing that you don't want to tell us. That's OK, there's a "work around", but we need you to still acknowledge that there's something there. I aim to create a space for safely sharing your thoughts, feelings and life events. 

  2.  Healing and resolving issues are ultimately your responsibility. Though I will do nearly everything in my power to assist, you will make the final step.  My job is to facilitate a clearing and attunement process for you. It is like opening new doors for you. Your session will open many doors - which one you step through is your choice. It is important that you know that you have free will at every step of the process, and the results of the session manifests when you really want it.

  3. You can sometimes recreate patterns if you choose to react in various situations in the ways you always have before. That is, before your patterns and trauma were changed, you were compelled to react in a certain way in a certain kind of situation. Now, you have the freedom to respond differently. Be aware of that and use it to empower yourself!


Measuring your progress

Most clients feel an instant positive shift during their first session. Physical changes vary from person to person. Many people will feel a significant emotional or physical change after a first session, however some will require 2-3 sessions. This cannot be guaranteed because the session technique is primarily emotional/ spiritual, with the physical changed flowing as a result.

It's "OK" that your body might need a little while to process the change, in fact, its normal. In the very unlikely event that you don't feel a noticeable emotional or spiritual change in the weeks following your session please bring this up at your free follow up consultation so that I can address this with you. I am committed to fast and gentle changes free of unrealistic promises so I do suggest you discuss your expectations and reasonable timeframe for results at your first session.


I honor you for taking this opportunity to profoundly re-create your life and I am blessed to be working with you!


What should I know before booking a session?

A session at the Intuitive Solution is not replacement therapy for any professional therapy that you may be undergoing. It is a compliment to your already existing wellness routine. Treatment of psychological and physical disorders requires a licensed professional. I am glad to discuss the spiritual explanations for such conditions but am unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention.

Will an Intuitive Solution session influence or challenge my religion?

People of all religions and spiritual views practice vibrational healing. It is a form of healing which is spiritual in essence, but not in any particular form, practice or language. It is not a religious or spiritual school. There is no reason why it would conflict with any religious views.


How many sessions do I need before I feel the results?

I can only give the most general guide here. One of the biggest advantages of a vibrational healing session as an alternative healing technique is that people respond very quickly to just a few sessions. It is one of the fastest healing techniques available. In my experience, clients wishing to resolve a specific spiritual or emotional issue often require only one session.


However a follow up session may be required - usually one to two weeks after the first. Where healing is sought for an illness or physical challenge, the number of sessions depends on the emotional (rather than physical) complexity of the condition. After just one session you might find that enough emotional blocks have been removed and the body can quickly heal itself. Sometimes a number of sessions are required.  


It is very rare that a condition requires more than 3 or 4 sessions. When you book a healing consultation with me, I will do my best to provide you with a realistic estimate of what will be involved. However please understand that everyone is different and I can't guarantee what results you will experience. Many people experience instant results from vibrational healing.


Emotional and to some extent spiritual changes are normally felt instantly. Physical changes are often instant but not always. You should expect pain levels to change instantly but acute conditions may require more time. Even if 3 or 4 sessions are required in total you should expect to feel different from the first session onwards.


Are there any side effects after a session?

Many people experience an increased sense of wellbeing and lightness after a session.  On occasion, vibrational and spiritual clearing techniques may initiate physical and emotional processing and detoxification. Following any particularly intense clearing, you may experience symptoms of physical detox throughout the coming days. This will lessen with each passing day and is a normal response that can vary in intensity. If this occurs, you will then know that you have had a healing experience. The clearing of etheric and subtle physical discord and substance then allows the body to let go of physical toxins. It is discordant etheric and emotional substance, which binds physical toxins and poisons to the cellular level of the body. We can let go of these toxins with ease and grace. There is no need for it to be painful or to gnash our teeth. There is also no longer any need for the pain from our past to continue to impact our present and cause dysfunction.  



What can I expect after my session?

When you book a healing consultation with us, we will do our best to provide you with a realistic estimate of what will be involved. However please understand that everyone is different and we can't guarantee what results you will experience. Many people experience instant results from a session. Emotional and to some extent spiritual changes are normally felt instantly. Physical changes are often instant but not always. You should expect pain levels to change instantly but acute conditions may require more time. Even if 3 or 4 sessions are required in total you should expect to feel different from the first session onwards.


How do I cancel a session?

If you need to cancel a session then we require a 24 hours notice. Please contact us via email or telephone.


How long do I have to wait for a session?

This will depend on availability. Normally it may take 1 – 2 weeks.


How can I heal multiple traumas on my own?

We do not encourage people to try this on themselves. I know from my own personal experience that it is always better to have someone to guide and support you. It is easier to avoid or sabotage a self healing, as there is no one to support you in resolving the trauma. When we don’t have support, it’s easier to give up, suppress and ignore from the trauma.  In my sessions with you, in addition to the clearing, I give you simple daily practices and solutions to bolster your progress and enhance your self-healing progress.


Payment method. Our preferred payment method is via PayPal. Safe payments are made through this system.



All information obtained from the Intuitive Solution is to be taken solely as educational in nature and is by no means a substitute for treatment from a licensed physician. The Intuitive Solution and its practitioners are not in a psychological or medical professional and are unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. Anyone using this consulting service acknowledges that they have read and understand the details of this disclaimer. Treatment of psychological disorders requiring a licensed professional  we can discuss the spiritual explanations for such conditions but is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or claim to cure any illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention.

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Spiritual Dowsing

Quickly and concisely access100% true and accurate information from our higher self.  Very beneficical for decision making, discerning into best supplements and herbs, and diagnosing energetic imbalances.





Sacred Geometry Attunements

Calling in the perfect geometry of creation to realign, restructure and hookup all levels of our body mind field complex .  I specialize in using sacred geometry to create miraculous and quick positive outcomes be applied to positively transform nearly any life circumstance.   


Chakra and Energy Readings

Tune up of subtle energy bodies leading to increased health, confidence, increase in positive outcomes.  






I offer this tool to give you fresh Insights to yourself, your future, your love life , family and career.  Using vibrational healing we are often to turn around negative astrology trends into beneficial outcomes for you.


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