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Think outside the shift

Oct.16, 2020 - New Super Moon at 23 degrees Libra. Its a supermoon b/c the moon will be closer to the Earth on this day than any other day in 2020.

On Oct 27, Uranus will also be its closest to Earth for the year and on Oct. 6 Mars was closer to the Earth than it will be for another 15 years.

Oct 31-Full Blue Moon in Taurus.

Combined these planets all so close to Earth are creating QUITE a pull on the Earth's gravitational field.  Also, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio Opposes Uranus later this month. Expect seismic shifts, big news and unexpected occurances. But remember physics states that events coalesce at the frequency we carry in our consciousness.  

Sing. Dance, Play and Be in Nature. Breathwork - all of this raise your frequency to gracefully ride these waves divine intelligence is producing. Visiting Sacred Sites help too! Egypt, Peru, Ohio, New Mexico have 'em


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