Balancing the Light and Dark - Equinox Time!

Today the earth experiences equal parts day and night. For all the balance this might involve, for many of us it can be challenging. This is a special time when we feel the tension of the balance between our earth and sun. It can be a time of addressing what's not working for us while discovering what is working.

The sun also went into Aries today - the first sign of our Zodiac. To the Persians (modern day Iran) it is their new year! It is indeed a time of breaking through the darkness to define what the next "year" will bring to us.

For me, it is my paternal Grandmother's birthday - Pauline. She left the earth many years ago, but today I could feel her walking beside me and sending me her love. She walked with her mother - Amelia. My ancestors - assuring

me I'm loved and watched over. It made my day!

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