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Midsummer Moonlight Madness

When I was a kid, my mom would hit nearly every Moonlight Madness sale at McAlpin's, our favorite department store (I think they are now a Macys). The environment of right now, this weekend, and the next few days remind me of these festive yet chaotic and somewhat maddening Moonlight Madness sales.

Lots of great things could be had at these events and they brought lots of people together in active, fun and engaged interchange. But be careful! They earned their name when irritations and anger ensued over another frantic shopper grabbing that $5 blue cashmere sweater you were eyeing.

The upside to all of this? If you we are strategic, mindful and loving, we have a pretty good chance of getting out fairly unscathed and with a bagful of goodies... Maybe even the $5 cashmere sweater.

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