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Psychic Weather for Now

How did you fare thru that gorgeous harvest moon in Pisces over the last few days? As I write, Debussy's Clair De Lune (Light of the Moon) plays on the radio...just as the light of the moon plays on us.

Can you feel it? Something big is stirring in our inner and outer lives. Changes, but with the perspective that in these new limitless times of complete potentiality all things are possible. Have patience with the process and trust what you know.

Clearly feel and imagine the world you want to live in and experience. Your mind does not know the difference between outer and inner realities so we can literally feel and imagine our way into an entirely new set of circumstances.

Some call it the Law of Attraction or quantum physics. Its actually much easier than all the fancy labels. Its about feeling in your gut, seeing in your minds eye what it is you want to create - from a parking space at a crowded mall or a new community of kindred spirits.

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