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The Beginning of the Harvest's Bounty

Today we have our new moon in Virgo (the sign of the Virgin and the nurturing and harvesting the bounty of the summer's harvest). The sun is also in Virgo along with a Solar Eclipse! What does this starry mumbo jumbo mean? Lots.

Here's the breakdown ~ time is concentrated, as in today has been long, but eventful and fun. This morning seems like last century. There is new beginning in the air, even literally as the season's change in just a few weeks and the eclipse an new moon bring in a new vybe, for many it might be victory after a summer of struggle. Things finally seem like they are working out for our highest and best. We are called to rid ourselves of the old and look forward to the new!

The time is ripe for trusting and growing our super powers whatever they might be! These times we are with Venus, Mercury, the moon's north nodes all lining with the Milky Way's Galactic Center. Literally putting us in direct connection with pure truth and easy manifestation. Get out your notebooks and create!

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