Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Astrologically, eclipses bring transition and this one is the first in a string of both sun and moon eclipses that occurring into autumn. We are at the fullness of the harvest of summer. Gratitude for the bounty, the sun and our light wins the day to clear any heated emotions that might brew. After all, the moon rules emotions and watery depths of deepest issues of home, nurturing, relationships, our work and protection the in world! The full moon charges these areas, making potent with feeling, drama, empathy, and power. And perhaps change because too this eclipse season!

As the moon is eclipsed in the early hours of this day, we see the Earth's shadow reflecting on the moon. We get to see our own shadow - literally. That can be dramatic, big, draining or inspiring fun and joyous depending on how we view and process. The potential for either is ripe here. Let the good times roll and we are indeed feeling, grounding and having the experience of a lifetime!

#eclipse #astrology #psychicweather

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