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Evolution of August

As the month unfolds, I am observing big developments both external and internal. Last week we got to experience the positive, renewing new moon energy of fire sign Leo along with five - yes five - planets in Leo. Heated times come with heated emotions. But also give us the power and voice to do what and say what needs to be done for the highest and best of those appropriately involved.

Today as our week takes shape, the fire energy has calmed (on a physical level, here in Carmel we are also seeing the Sobranes wild fire getting more contained). Today we are under a Scorpio moon of deep and intense emotions. Also, we are experiencing the Venus and Mars square - an opposition with our male and female aspects yet an opportunity to integrate our polarities.

Next week on Wednesday there will be a full lunar eclipse. Eclipses bring overhaul and change in our lives with the changes occurring a bit before the eclipse up to six months after. Today we are beginning to feel the shift evolving as the moon waxes. This is an important time to set our intentions for the next six months!

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