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How to grow longer hair and have healthier plants

By following the cycles of the moon you can prune plants, cut hair and harvest produce for maximum benefit.  If you want your hair to grow quickly, trim it when it is a waxing moon - going towards full.  Same with plants and flowers.


If you want to slow growth like in cutting down weeds or shaving your legs aim to cut on the waning moon after it is full.


If you want to get more intricate with this process, find out what astrological sign the moon occupies.  Moon being in a fertile signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) enhances growth while moon in infertile signs of Leo, Aires and Sagitarius will slow growth. 

How to Make Things Happen Fast

We each have own our personal angels that love us dearly and want to be of service.  The only thing they ask of us is that We Ask for their support.  


I'm continually reminded of their magic.  Just in the last few days:

*My friend lost his only car key somewhere during our hike at Garland Park Ranch.  We dowsed it was near a bench, but when he started towards the bench, he decided to fast track and called on his angels.  He found the key within 2 minutes!


*Today culminated the three day quest of trying to fix The Intuitive Solution's PayPal button.  Finally I just called on my angels.  The button was fixed in 5 minutes!


Thank you, Angels!

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