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Tools - while unconvential, the following tools yield quick and positive results while providing clarity and understanding.  I have these tools in business, with families, couples, and individuals to increase wellness, finances, harmony in the home, attain long cherished goals and simply just feel better!


Spiritual Dowsing - one my favorite and most effective tools for discerning into truth from your Higher Self and the Creator of All That Is.  Effective for getting specific figures and direction.  Uses kinestic energy of the body.  Yes - dowsing can also L-Rods (the more traditional use) to find water, but spiritual dowsing involves tapping in the body mind field complex.

Astrology - I will run your personal birthchart to read your life trends and how they mesh with the current transits of the day.  

Runes - the sacred alphabet of the Celtic cultures who believed these sacred markings appearing in the natural world hold keys to unlocking the undercurrents of our life. 

Sacred geometry - using the

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