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"My time with Beth was one huge ahaa moment!  Deeply insightful and healing, too!"

Betty Myers

Cleveland, Ohio

About Beth - Intuitive Teacher and Consultant specializing in vibrational healing, dowsing, astrology, crop circles, and other modalities.

I am a member of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) and an energy healer, teacher and intuitive consultant.  What does that mean? I am able to access and read the life patterns and energy functions and emotional states of people, situations, groups, nature, homes and events. The 8000 year old technology of Dowsing, which I teach and use everyday is key to approach.


Since I’ve been a child I’ve known I possess a deep and unique talent to analyze and offer solutions to other people’s problems.  My mother and grandfather encouraged me on this path by teaching me that nearly everyone has a sixth sense empowering them to tune into heightened awareness and deeper understandings.  Then on the side of the five senses, my father is a cell biologist producing research on the brain – body link and and how emotional states affect physical health - patients are able to heal more quickly when they actively engage in practices to elevate their mood.  


Essentially we all possess the ability to control our life experience.  I also believe we live in amazing times where this sixth sense and a more intuitive awareness is developing in our bodies and our minds.  A classic example - you think of someone and out of the blue they call.  A deeply connective spiritual world moves through us and in us. My beautiful mother taught me this as a child and as she told me to look up at stars and see their ancient light within each of us, connecting us to higher vibrations and to each other! 


Then the question becomes, how do we apply these new insights to our daily lives?  I work with my clients to apply and teach vibrational energy healing techniques to improve their lives and perhaps better understand their burgeoning new power.I've learned to access this subtle energy and in turn I teach people how to feel it and use it for their benefit.    


Throughout my life, my spiritual practice has taken varying forms but with one theme in common – a deep commitment to uplifting others using thought, prayer and energy healing to feel better about their life experience. I thoroughly enjoy diving deeply into situations and emerging back into in the light with uplifting and positive solutions for my clients.  I also love to give them simple but powerful tools to do this themselves.


The nature of my energy work with clients frees them from this gridlock and teaches them to be their own healer while trusting their own intuition. 


Nearly all of my greatest accomplishments happened from using vibrational healing techniques. And today I live a blessed life, in service and with those I love in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. I even applied these principles in the business world where I served in a variety of management roles leading teams from Fortune 500 companies and national non-profits to increase sales, attain grant funding, improve team dynamics and increase attendance at the national conferences I organized.


I have a Bachelor's of Arts degree and Masters of Arts in English and Psychology from the University of Kentucky, a PhD from Univervesity of Sedona and hold a certification in human resources, SPHR - currently one of the most respected certifications the field of HR).









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