Beth Roszman, SPHR  
Teacher and Consultant
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Love and Relationships




Career: Financial increase, strategy and forecasting





Psychic Weather Update:

Due to popular demand I am now doing your regular psychic weather reports in video. They are all on my YouTube Channel under Beth Roszman at:





Update: I am now serving as a Board Member of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD).  Check out how dowsing can further your practice and other helpful resources at ASD


To Inquire about my workshop or to learn how a remote session provides benefit for you, your relationships, business, health and more

please call or text Beth

at (831) 275-0633 or email

About Beth

I provide specific and accurate information about:

Love, Medical Issues, Career, Family & Much More

Also - we will work together to apply the most effective and simple spiritual healing technologies to address and give solutions to Fix, Restore, with the RESULTS you want.


I am a healer of healers and body workers.  I also work with business leaders, parents or people who are skeptical but willing to try a new approach to address serious issues when nothing else has worked:

~ Medical  ~ Mental Wellness ~ Increased wealth ~ Understanding Lovers, Pets, Family ~ Real Estate and Home Readings

~ Past Life Readings

~Guided Visualizations

~ Improving relationships


Accurate & Specific Intuition and Dowsing Readings


"Beth's calm, compassionate and highly intuitive approach were invaluable in solving some of our most complex  personnel and team performance challenges. I highly recommend her if you want solid, long lasting solutions. She has excellent instincts with the courage to act on them for everyone's benefit."

Tom Jarrett

Former CIO, State of Delaware

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I see all types of clients for all types consultations - even businesses,your children, pets, lost items, past life insights and love & relationships.. A session with me might be to provide a CLARITY and SOLUTIONS for:


PPT from West Coast Dowser Manifestation talk
Manifestation Chart from My West Coast Dowser Conf

Guidance and solutions to attaining goals and outcomes

Feeling better on

physical, emotional and mental levels

Spiritual home and property clearings


Performance enhancement for school, sports, career and more

I am a member of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD).  I teach dowsing, metaphysics, vibrational energy healing, and astrology while applying these tools with clients to provide solutions to problems and realizations to their desired outcomes.  Nearly all of the greatest achievemens in my life came about by two things: my faith in a higher power and my conscious application of basic vibrational energy healing principles and dowsing (aka muscle testing and kinesiology) in my daily life.  
I've been involved in the healing and intuitive arts since I've been a child. I also have a professional background as a human resource expert and business leader.  In addition, my father is a scientist.  So I am a bridge between the grounded 3D world of everyday life and the subtle yet powerful realm of the spirit and higher mind. As Above, So Below!
My approach is direct, uplifting and highly effective at achieving desired outcomes for my clients.  I have over 20 years experience in the healing arts, 25 years in executive management, a certification in human resource managment (SPHR) and a B.A. in Psychology and English.  In 2013, I formed the Intuitive Solution, a collabortive project of healers, teachers and individuals interested in exploring the benefits of the body - mind connection.  



More About Beth

I conduct your session via telephone or Skype.  I also offer in person appointments for those local to the Monterey area. In the realm of spirit, there is no time and space so phone appointments offer a highly effective medium to conduct our work.  

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