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Psychic Weather? Eclipsey, bright, blatant and surprising. A night on the evening of a comet.

Its a triple header day! Not only a boon for bloggers looking to cover a juicy tale but a day to really report what's up on planet Earth. Tonight at 4:33 pm the full moon and lunar eclipse hit at 23 degrees of Leo. Later the L46 eclipse grazes our atmosphere bringing in mystery and interstellar ancient light from other realms.

Are you feeling it? If you are not, understandable since the intensity of these times might have rendered you nurturing your delicate inner child by sleeping late and eating ice cream.

To those who launched bravely into the day, they encountered challenge, yet illuminating solutions once they actually took a hold of the situation.

Example? Or..what are you talking about? Today had incredible pull into our fears and emotional shadows. Fearing the worse. Have you ever had a moment where you were sure something really bad had occurred? Like last night when my dear Mac Pro refused to reboot despite my geeky attempts at delving into its backup SOS system. I even lost sleep over it. Worse - my expert Apple IT engineer friend was out of town dealing with a funeral.

As a healer I had to go back to basics. What in me created this mess? I forced myself to table the tech troubleshooting and close the laptop for the night. Overnight, I healed, gained strength and in the morning I went into a deep self-healing mediation session where I reminded myself that I am creating ,my world all the time. So please - I commanded to my inner story writer - create the scene where my beloved laptop comes alive again. Now.

Tonight my Theta healer friend came over. He creates positive space for me so I thought his presence auspicious. together we opened up the laptop and turned it on. Low and behold it booted up and returned as Mac Newborn machine. Resurrections.

This is a story to show how eclipses challenge and change us or our stuff or our lives.

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